Ontario trio Basement Revolver are re-releasing their critically acclaimed self-titled debut EP in a limited run of vinyl pressings via Label Obscura.

Formed in the honest grit of Hamilton, Ontario, the band has seen a quick and notable ascent into the spotlight with their unique brand of 90’s infused indie-rock. Basement Revolver has been able to formulate a captivating and refined hypnotic aural experience typically found with those who are well beyond their years. Rarely captured in first works, the band exhibits this maturity and ensures promising future releases.

They recently dropped a brand new video for "Lake Steel Oil" where member Chrisy Hurn's says:

“Lake, Steel, Oil is song that kind of grows and progresses with me moving through life. It starts out with me and my sister as kids watching the northern lights on Manitoulin Island. As a young adult, I moved to Hamilton while my sister moved to Alberta as a newlywed. The song turns to reflect on Hamilton – this city that I have come to love and to call home. It is a reminder that our lives are short, so we shouldn’t waste it. So I guess that those are all things that we tried to show in this video – how as a band we all have our separate lives but we all find a home (in some form or another) in Hamilton. It is what brought us together as a band.”

Before the release of their debut, Basement Revolver was already opening for accomplished acts such as Dave Monks (Tokyo Police Club) and others. Sensing something special between the band, six months into the project they seized the opportunity to record with local studio, TAPE (Memoryhouse, The Dirty Nil, Single Mothers). Together with Adam Bentley and Jordan Mitchell they began to sculpt and carve out their signature atmospheric sound. Gaining momentum, they soon decided on releasing their debut single, “Johnny”, which encountered an unstoppable wave of support with grassroots endorsements from sites such as The FADER, DIY, Indie Shuffle, CBC, Exclaim! Magazine, and numerous others.

Basement Revolver’s self-titled debut proved to be a success eventually being released via Memphis Industries’ UK sub-label Fear Of Missing Out. The band continued this momentum with the release of their follow up EP Agatha in 2017 which received overwhelming support from fans and critics both old and new.