Toronto's genre-bending Jaunt announce the release of their forthcoming EP Cue - out on April 13th.

The band say the record is "the yin to Chat’s yang, it moves away from our previous light-hearted tendencies to something a little deeper and darker. Cue also finds the five of us collaborating more than ever before, the songs end up evolving into something we never could have imagined from their starting point."

Their new single “Faster Interactions” is labeled their "zaniest track to date" stating it was one of the first written for the project, but also took the longest to complete: "We quickly knew that it would be a single, and playing it repeatedly live has helped us finesse it’s nuances. We’re also trying very hard to bring back the sound of cheap keyboard orchestra hits in pop music."

As for the video premiere for “Faster Interactions” the guys say the idea "was born out of wanting to create something that complimented the unhinged nature of the song, while not taking ourselves too seriously. We had a lot of fun with the body-cam shots."

Watch below: