British Columbia's Fionn, a folk-pop duo made up of twin sisters Alana and Brianna release their single "Skeleton."

Recently signed with 604 Records, they are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their new album with John O’Mahony (Sara Bareilles / Vance Joy) and Grammy winner Robert Orton (Lana Del Ray / Mumford & Sons.) The sisters have developed a sound that not only stems from their Irish heritage, but also their modern sensibilities and their strong melodies.

The new music is lush, and melodic - and the arrangements complement their lyrics in an undeniable way. At the heart of it all, however, are the diamond-sharp harmonies of Fionn - who voices sparkle and yet suggest an old, wise soul dwells behind their fresh faces. Their Irish heritage definitely has found a place in their music, with moments reminiscent of the Cranberries - the ladies have honed in on all the aspects of their lives to create something entirely authentic, mesmerizing and fresh.

They cite Canadian icons Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell to current hitmakers like Lorde and Hozier as influences. Their own songs, however—from the sharp social commentary to the poignantly personal — make it abundantly clear that they are developing a voice that is entirely their own.

Get to know Fionn: