Toronto's notorious pop-rock emo band drop a striking single and stellar video for "Burnt Out."

The band says: "With a penchant for catchy hooks and a DIY ethos flowing through our veins, we’re determined to take our music to the next level. Our sights are set on releasing our debut full-length this year, followed by playing as many shows as we can handle. Music, film, and photography pose the ability to bring us back to a time, place, and the people that we shared that time with. It’s crucial that we continue to create, share, and enjoy these storytelling tools"

“Burnt Out” was produced, engineered, and mixed by singer/guitarist Anton DeLost. Alongside longtime video collaborator Andrew Harris, the duo also directed and edited the song’s accompanying visuals. The video was shot in their hometown and features views of the waterfront, High Park, and a few talented friends of theirs, saying the video is "a bittersweet reflection on being in the moment and enjoying the little things in our relationships that we often take for granted."

Co-director Andrew Harris adds: “The first time I heard First Ghost’s “Burnt Out,” I remember visualizing the lyrics as a story. I saw a kind, old man, reliving nostalgic memories in his senior years while considering what is worth letting go of, and what is worth holding on to.”

Watch below: