Universal Music's upcoming boy band premiere their new eccentric electro-pop single "Getting Closer."

The Toronto based trio is emerging on the North American music scene and possess a diverse sound and modernistic artistry.

"We live in a playlist culture. For listeners today, musical genres and divisions are breaking down, and songs live on die on their own merits – no longer dependant on which category they’re placed in. NEW CITY is a new band with a new sound for this new world. The three of us have vastly different influences and styles. Blending our musical brains often results in a variety of sounds, as it’s never just one guy writing lyrics. We all contribute on every part of the process – from the drum parts, to the vocals, to the mix."

They describe their newest track as "a declaration of empowerment for everyone out there who’s pursuing their dreams" - further explaining that the song is about "breaking yourself down and putting everything on the table, but still feeling lost. It reflects on the ways in which we’ve found ourselves as a band, and our ability to talk about bigger topics. We initially wrote about our wants and desires, but our writing is beginning to reflect our purpose and what we’re looking for in the future."

Listen below:

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