Vancouver's raw alternative artist Sophia Danai returns to music with the refreshing sounds of her latest release "Come Thru."

It's a concoction of pop, rock, r&b and soul that delivers an emotional embrace and a sense of overcoming hardships.

"It is only by going through difficult times that I realized my strength, and the power of vulnerability. Like many other 20-year-old aspiring musicians, my ultimate goal was fame. After ending a tumultuous marriage, and fighting my way out of a bad production deal, my view of success began to change. I found myself focusing more on my own personal path and message – letting my fans know that they’re not alone, and that through challenges, they can become more compassionate. With this new mindset, I went back to school for production/recording – realizing the importance of creating my own vision, and defining my artistry."

"Come Thru" is the first single to be shared of what's to come from her upcoming project Real Lies as she says the track was: "written from the most unedited part of me. It’s a way to channel my anger into something positive, and connect with the audience on a very personal level. When I started performing it live, fans would come and sing the words back to me with a big smile on their faces. Even though it can be terrifying, it’s such a release to claim your space and stand your ground. That is one of the most difficult things in life for me, and it's what “Come Thru” is about."

The video for the song, directed by Jon Thomas, displays compelling visuals of a love lost: "I wanted to show my unravelling – unhinged yet empowered. I love the idea of losing my shit, singing karaoke at a party, and giving zero fucks. The guitar I break in the video was from my honeymoon. I bought it in Bruges and even then, I knew my marriage was doomed. I was too afraid of being without him, and I felt trapped. He had a bad drinking problem, and I thought I could be the one to help him. I was wrong, and way too young to deal with something like that. That particular guitar was an oasis to me through that time, but it also represented a period that I needed to let go of. I figured if I was going to break and burn a guitar in the video, it should be mine, and it should mean something."

Watch below: