Toronto's upcoming vibrant hip-hop artist Tee Krispil drops her unapologetic anthem "Badangadang."

"This single is about being the boss bitch that you are. Badangadang isn’t about making women strong, women are already strong, it’s about reminding them of this truth. The energy in the room was right while filming this. My forever team, NMTE productions and my girl gang got together for another fully female production. The room was filled with powerful womban energy as we just vibed, smoked, chilled, and sang. Everything was natural and nothing was planned other than to raise the vibration in the room and to come looking fly as fuck. We stuck to the primary colour theme as a metaphor - women are the primary colours from which the entire colourful world is created, we are the source of earthly creation, all hue-mans are created from our primary, prim-al ability to birth."

Watch below: