Vancouver's chart-topping indie-pop trio Fake Shark has released a synergistic video for their new single “Wake Up” feat. Fionn.

Previously operating under Real Zombie!, the band has cultivated a dedicated fanbase with their art-punk inspired sound. The release of their full-length project Faux Real (Light Organ Records) saw the band charting on Canadian commercial formats and garnered acclaim from critics and music fans alike. Since the release of their album, the band has been honing their signature sound and have emerged with their most collaborative and harmonious recording to date.

With this latest step in their career, Fake Shark has learned to harness that "anything-goes" energy in order to deliver the catchiest songs possible. The band’s thoughts on the new track: "it's about dreaming of someone or something you had no special feelings for, but when you wake up, you're in love with them. The single is definitely a new direction for us, and it's the result of our musical chemistry coming together the best it's ever been.”

The members of Fake Shark have long been known for their singular style and feverish, wide-eyed abandon. Their songs emphasize unforgettable hooks, drawing on frontman Kevvy Mental’s experience as a pop producer working with Carly Rae Jepsen, Kat Von D and many others.

Continuing within their indie-pop sound, Fake Shark’s latest single is the result of the band’s musical chemistry reaching new heights.