Burnaby, British Columbia's folk artist Luca Fogale hopes his new single is able to reach and connect with even more people, and in turn start more of the kinds of conversations that he's been so privileged to have already had so many of.

“What I Came Here For” was written following a story his grandmother told him about when she was being caught in a bombing raid with his grandfather in Italy during World War II:

"She recalled that when the attack started and they tried to find cover, one of her family members was killed, and they realized that all they could do was hold on to each other and hope to make it through unharmed. Over the past few years of playing and sharing my music everywhere that I possibly could, I started to notice a trend. Out of all my songs, people felt the most profound connection to "What I Came Here For." Regardless of what the reason was, the song usually incited conversation – I have spoken with people who had experienced situations that were similarly devastating to the event that I wrote the song about, people who listen to it every morning to help them get out of bed, people who had made an effort to reconnect with their partner after listening to it, and countless others with a seemingly unlimited number of reasons why they were drawn to it above all else. This song has been one of the things that has helped me to remember how intensely music can connect us, which in turn has helped me to constantly rediscover the reasons why I chose to write songs in the first place."

Watch below: