Hip-hop electro-soul duo SIFXSKAE - comprised of members Daniel Kelly and Lane Dorsey, describe their vibe as "music that you'd wanna borrow your mom's car and roll around to."

Launching their latest track the band asks: "Have you ever really liked someone but had no idea if they give a shit? Take that feeling, add a dose of 70s funk, a give em' hell attitude and play 'Do You Wanna.'"

Their inevitable collaboration began with a blueprint of friendship. Growing up only one street apart, the two became fast friends from an early age, and each went off to find their own success in the arts – SIF starred on Degrassi: The Next Generation while SKAE became a sought-after portrait photographer - capturing the likes of Johnny Reid, Ria Mae, and more.

After reconnecting in the summer of 2016, they realized they both had an intense passion for music and different skills but the same taste in energetic beats that were anything but cookie-cutter. They started collaborating on a few tracks - blending SIF’s sharp hip-hop lyrics with SKAE’s genre-bending production. The result is a series of songs full of movement and energy with "memorable hooks you might hear on the radio but slick lyrics that you definitely won’t."

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