Toronto-based indie-rockers IN MY COMA premiere their video for “We Are One” - the second single from their latest album Next Life.

“The song is about the strength of community and our understanding that we are all part of the same community in good times and bad” says lead vocalist Jasper James. “Peoples’ true colours show in desperate times and that’s when we need to be the strongest because “we are one even when the light comes down."

The video, which was produced and directed by the band, utilized a diverse cross-section of people from the band’s strong multi-cultural community. Everyone in the video are friends of friends, children of friends, or close friends. A total of 40 people, including the band, appear in the video.
“Making this video was one of the best experiences of my life” said Jasper. “I got to personally talk with all of these people about their lives, their stories, and they were all so enthusiastic to be part of this project. I learned a lot about them and myself in the process."

The band adds - "this is a song about bringing people together, so naturally it has become one of the staples of our live set. Whenever we finish playing, we have people come up to us humming the song or singing the 'we are one' lyric. I think it's one of those songs that brings people together, and even more so when you're experiencing it live together. I can't wait for more moments like that."

Watch below: