Photo by: Maya Fuhr
Toronto's ambitious indie-pop band VALLY premiere infectious single "Closer To The Picture" - their major label debut through Universal Music Canada.

VALLEY is comprised of the four kids you used to know back in grade school. They were the ones talking excitedly about that classic band and some new artist in the same breath. They were the ones feverishly writing songs and rushing home to record them so you could finally understand what they were trying to say. Rob (vocals), Mike (guitar), Alex (bass), and Karah (drums) met when a recording studio double-booked their sessions and encouraged them to try playing together. The born-and-raised Canadians seized the opportunity in disguise and began developing what would ultimately become one of the most refreshing and engaging new bands of the decade.

The band wrote and self-produced the acclaimed 2016 EP This Room Is White, amassing over 10 million streams, as well as garnering radio and TV placements for indie pop hit “Swim.” Now VALLEY returns with the lead single “Closer To The Picture,” off their upcoming album Maybe. “Closer To The Picture,” written and produced by Valley in collaboration with Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers, Tor Miller, Penguin Prison), deals with the cycle of anxiety and self-reflection inherent in the deafening digital noise of 21st century living.

“It's an anthem for the outcasts,” the band says. “Being the kid at the party who just hangs out with the dog.” That sensation of feeling isolated in a crowd of friends is the thread that weaves throughout the album. While the music itself remains mostly uptempo and major key, the songs themselves speak to a generational malaise from the falling in and out of touch with friends who increasingly exist only through a digital medium. In “Closer To The Picture,” Rob cries out and asks, “Do you ever think about your future?” It’s the climax of the song and merely the introduction to a new VALLEY who find themselves “questioning life, questioning who you are or what your purpose is. We’ve all been there.”

Listen below: