Just six months following her self-titled debut EP, RALPH returns with A Good Girl - her first studio album (out September, 28th).

RALPH's new music introduces heavier beats and a touch of R&B to create even more danceability than her self-titled EP. A Good Girl opens up with the synth-pop self-love anthem "For Yourself." The steady flowing rhythmic synth makes way for the true vocal talent that RALPH delivers consistently across all ten tracks.

"September Fades" - the first single from A Good Girl, dropped just days after her EP release. Three singles followed including "Girl Next Door" - featuring fellow Torontonian TOBi, the extremely danceable "Tables Have Turned" and most recently "Weather."

Singles aside, "Gimme" and "Cereal" are two contrasting tracks that stand out from the rest. "Gimme" starts with a disco flare that sets the vibe for its entirety, with soft tambourines and a funky bass line. Though - lyrically, it is more free-spirited than the others, "Gimme" is fun, catchy and addictive enough to be in rotation with top 40 pop hits.

"Cereal" - featuring Montreal's exquisite Milk & Bone, is a beautiful and sentimental narrative paired with a more toned-down electro-pop arrangement. The lyrics walk us through the days and emotions that come along with a breakup - as suggested by the opening line "woke up this morning, feeling kinda sad" and further on, "now I'm crying into my cereal." By focusing on small details of one's regular daily routine - this is a real and relatable modern-day love song. "Endings are hard" but deciding to cap A Good Girl with this fitting final track was perfect. "Cereal" is light and whimsical and embodies a natural de-escalation from the preceding rhythmic pop tracks.

Similarly, "Dark Clouds" explores a more sensitive side of RALPH. The lyrics "when you are hurting, I feel it too. If you're walking on fire, I'm walking with you" are likely to resonate with many. The empathetic words in this stunningly somber song seem to detail a supportive relationship with a person struggling with hardships.

There is something to be said about A Good Girl's track arrangement - easing listeners in with a mellow yet uplifting opening ballad and delving into eight tracks of pure soulful pop before winding back down with a chilled out closing tune. The album has a definite beginning and end and a variety of blended musical influences and emotions in between - a body of work that you can simultaneously vibe, dance and cry to.

RALPH set out to Newfoundland earlier this month to kick off a slew of tour dates across Canada alongside Ria Mae. Don't miss out on a chance to hear these bops (and more) live in your city!

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