Arkells release their highly anticipated, fifth studio album, RALLY CRY. With the size and scope to match Arkells’ ambition and ever-growing audience, RALLY CRY is the band’s boldest project yet. Following a string of surprise events, including a last minute Arkells song-filled karaoke pop-up in Toronto and a song premiere via a mysterious billboard & hotline campaign in Buffalo, NY, Arkells drop RALLY CRY and announce their 2019 RALLY CRY TOUR.

“What makes Rally Cry a success,” according to Exclaim! “is how Arkells seem to really be going for the big score with creative risks.” Take their lead single, Relentless, for example, which features the band experimenting with a sample for the first time, building around an afro-pop beat, propelled further forward by Arkells signature gritty guitar, resulting in a track with undeniable confidence and swagger.

“Our attitude was, let’s make this record as wild and weird and adventurous as we want it to be,” says Kerman. “We felt that doing things that aren’t traditional rock ‘n’ roll with heavy guitars is ok as long as it still feels like us. But at the same time, let’s remember that at our core, the spirit of what we do is very much based on 5 guys playing together, who’ve built up an amazing chemistry as a band.”
Narratively, Rally Cry was informed by what the band saw as their professional duty to confront the issues they see in the world around them. Rally Cry highlights such as “People’s Champ” and “American Screams” are politically charged singles that reflect on the current state of leadership, compassion, and generosity within contemporary political dialogue.

“Writing a political song is less about trying to hit someone over the head with your message, but trying to articulate something that’s thoughtful, something that comes from a unique vantage point,” explains Kerman. "This record came pouring out of us. Every day is a learning experience, and these songs are a collection of what we've learned over the past few years."


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