Montreal-based artist Sara Diamond has released her anticipated debut EP, Foreword. The EP is about crossing the barrier of fear into the unknown and includes four of her previously released singles in addition to three new tracks. Sara has spent the past year releasing music about the ups and downs of love. Those songs have amassed over 13 million plays and landed her in the Spotify Viral Top 50 Chart. She’s now following with a fully formed idea via Foreword.

Of the new EP, Sara says: “My brain had a lot of processing to do over the past year. When fantasy meets reality type vibes. These songs are a representation of that time - somewhat scattered in direction, very visceral and sexually driven… playing with ideas of love, loss, lust, and everything in between.”

Sara had been through many iterations of her musical career before the success of her recent releases. She was given the gift of song through her family lineage and sang on her mother’s record label for many years as a child. Her first album was recorded at 11 and at 14 Sara moved to LA to continue recording. Quickly disenchanted with the grind and lack of control over her trajectory, Sara returned home and put music on the back burner. Now she is fully committed and is releasing original music that explores the world from her own perspective without any compromises.

Sara has come to appreciate the healing power of music - it has been a constant that, through the trials and tribulations of her life, has stuck around in some capacity. Her goal is to inspire others to look inwards and appreciate the myriad of feelings that come along with being human. In accepting the beauty of who we are as individuals, we can learn to love each other without judgment and fear.


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