Chart topping alt-rock band Mother Mother release their new album Dance and Cry via Universal Music Canada. The Juno-nominated band recently debuted their catchy new single, “Get Up” which is currently sitting in the top 15 on the Canadian Alternative Rock chart and was impressively the #1 most added song at Canada Alternative Rock radio in its first week of release.

Lead singer Ryan Guldemond remarked on the new album, “This album was written from a place of wanting to be moved, and wanting to move others. At a certain point of the writing process I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t pursue songs that didn’t either make me want to dance or cry, or ideally both. This ethos catalyzed a broader theme with regards to healing, and how feeling one’s pain and becoming truly intimate, loving and curious with it, is a crucial part of finding your way out of it."

The new record, produced in its entirety by Guldemond and Ben Kaplan goes back to an organic, stripped down sound that reflects the bands earlier material including their iconic album, O My Heart which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The songs on Dance and Cry, share themes of survival, self-reflection, sorrow and happiness. In the fall of 2017, Guldemond was going through a difficult breakup, which left him feeling lost and out of touch with himself and his creativity. It was from this place that he began writing, and the initial songs mirrored these emotions. To his taste, things were feeling too morose, like a love-lost album, which he didn’t really want it to be; it is Mother Mother’s penchant to cover broader, more dimensional themes. To shake things up, Ryan took a trip to Costa Rica as a means to soul search and get inside the music in his head. It was there he found some songs, some individuality, and returned to Vancouver to embark on a two- month writing spree, employing a monastic lifestyle of meditation, clean living, exercise, and no media. As a result, his channels began to open up, and very honest, inspired songs followed. Dance and Cry is an album about the intrinsic bond between joy and sorrow. It’s an album about gateways; pain entering into peace. The trenches, a portal to the sky. Dancing, an affair with freedom, and crying, a river giving to an ocean of music.

Dance and Cry is the band’s seventh full length studio album and follows the 2017 release No Culture which produced the #1 hit single, “The Drugs.”


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