After her first single, "Come Thru," premiered at Billboard, Sophia released her next unapologetic single, "Guns and Gold." Both of these songs were a reckoning and an exercise in releasing the demons of Danai’s past.

"WYIL" shows a more vulnerable side to the story. The vocal performance is moody and soothing, and the message is reflective and forgiving. The music video was shot on 16mm film and directed by Jordan Findlay, alongside cinematographer Cole Graham (Daniel Caesar, Her). It captures the loneliness and isolation relationships can bring, which ironically is a feeling that connects us all, because to feel alone, is human. This is the third single from her upcoming EP, Real Lies, set to be released March 2019.

Sophia's thoughts on the song:

"It is a letter of compassion for those who are feeling isolated and alone in love. Sometimes we just love people; even when we shouldn’t, even when all the red flags are showing up. Unfortunately, for many people, this is how we learn. I was mistreating myself before I ended up in a relationship where I was mistreated. It was a true mirror for where I was at. As much as what happened wasn’t right or fair, it taught me so much about myself. The only way I have healed is by forgiving and accepting that we were only doing the best with what we had."



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