Ottawa singer-songwriter Amanada Rheaume practices self-love with her new unapologetic anthem "The Skin I'm In."

She details the empowering message behind the song:

"We always approach a new year full of resolutions based on change. At least that appears to be the norm. That’s been my way of thinking before - not feeling connected enough to what I thought I was supposed to feel part of. I’ve felt in between the stereotypes of certain communities for most of my life… not gay enough but not feminine enough, not Indigenous enough but not conventional. The feelings of disconnect and loneliness can still creep up, but writing “The Skin I’m In” and sharing my experience is incredibly healing. “The Skin I’m In” was inspired by the idea that, as humans, we have so much to battle against… body norms, mental health struggles, societal norms, gender norms. I hope that this song will make you feel less alone. I hope that you will feel even a sliver of belonging… that you are perfect and beautiful and unique in your own way. Taking steps to feeling safe and solid in your own body and skin is hard, but it is possible with the right people around you. No one deserves to feel less than, or unwanted, or ashamed of themselves."

Watch the music video below:

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