Juno award-winning Canadian duo Dear Rouge release the music video for “Chains" - shot in Harrison, BC and directed by Martin Glegg.

"This was an epic adventure to create,” said Danielle McTaggart. "Much like the meaning of the song, we experienced many peaks and valleys. Ran full speed through a cold, misty, West Coast forest for a weekend. It was a true test of endurance. But then, there was the glorious view – and those majestic wolves! I got to cuddle with one for a day. Just beautiful. This video symbolizes how pain and love can be one in the same.”

The video was produced by Kristoff Duxbury and Sebastien Galina from BOLDLY Creative, with Cole Graham as the cinematographer. On the creative direction of the music video, BOLDY Creative said: “From the beginning, we wanted wolves. These ravenous creatures that embody everything opposite of love - which is a central theme of the video - took centre stage when framing the story, the shots, and the production schedule. The team also wanted to find a nearly untouched location - woods, beach, paths - someplace tranquil for the scenes with wolves chasing Danielle. We searched for a place up a logging road that had an abandoned work site with old machines and a path that led to a beach, which was perfect. The two-day shoot went smoothly, and some of the crew, including Cinematographer and Director camped out overnight.”

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