Basic White - a rock and roll band hailing from London, Ontario, are gearing up for the February 22nd release of their debut album The Second Half.  While this is the group's first full-length project, they have already established a strong collection of original songs, a powerhouse stage show and a commitment to high caliber songwriting that makes for truly memorable listening experiences. Riley White (founder/guitarist/songwriter), Sandro Di Stefano (guitarist) and Jordan Wallace (drummer) feel that earning their wings as professional musicians in the vibrant and diverse music scene of London has been of great benefit.

First premiered by 102.1 The Edge personality and renowned Canadian broadcaster Alan Cross, "Time To Leave" now has visuals to accompany the track. The London-based trio's hometown pride shines through in their video debut as they take us on a walk through their city - dancing around local streets, malls and schools.

"'Time to Leave' came together very last minute, and was the last song written for the record. It started out as a little guitar riff and just grew from there. It’s about being in a relationship with someone and getting to the point where it’s time for someone to make the move to leave. You both know it’s the right thing to do, but neither person wants to say it.”

"Time To Leave" could also be interpreted as a symbol of growth for the London locals who are excited to debut their upcoming album to a rock and roll audience that spans far beyond its roots.

The Second Half is said to have enough rockin’ riffs to appeal to the ardent rocker; hook-laden choruses for those with pop sensibilities and authentic and sincere lyrics for deep listeners. With ten new tracks and upcoming live shows to look forward to, Basic White is definitely a name to watch for this year.