Toronto powerhouse Sate is out to satisfy and empower the nation. Her latest track "Dirty Little Lie" - motivated by injustices, sticks to her signature rock-funk sound behind societally conscious lyrics.

She explains the meaning behind the song:

"Inspired by watching the influx of police brutality, trump supporters and the fetishcization of brown bodies’ pain and humanity - then, reframed as a fucked up power struggling gaslighting boundary disrespecting relationship. “Dirty Little Lie” is about control, succumbing to it or taking it back. It’s also about the devil card in the tarot. it‘s not meant to be preachy. It’s meant to shine a light in the murk of our conditionings and ask who are you under the influence of – the angel or the devil? Working with Hill Kourkoutis as my producer was passionate and majickal. we’ve been close friends through music for a long time – writing songs together and playing in each other’s bands."

Watch below:


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