Photo by: Mae Krell
The inviting harmonies of Wild Rivers provide a shimmering texture to the band’s latest EP, Eighty-Eight and brand new song “Moving Target.” However, dedicated fans know about the depth of Wild Rivers – from the alluring melodies that take unexpected turns to the undercurrent of emotion in their tightly-crafted lyrics. 

Wild Rivers is composed of Khalid Yassein (vocals, guitar), Devan Glover (vocals), Andrew Oliver (guitar, bass) and Julien Laferriere (drums). The Toronto-based band has accrued more than 45 million streams on Spotify, toured consistently across the U.S. and Canada, and earned a reputation as a band that makes a powerful connection with listeners.

2018 was an incredible gift for them. They toured North America extensively and met people who share a connection to their music. However, the reality of being touring musicians means that they often found ourselves in unfamiliar situations, far away from the things – and the people – that provide love and comfort.

"Our new song, “Moving Target,” is the message you leave for the person back home. It’s about what we do to protect ourselves when relationships get difficult, and the realization that cutting yourself off can do more harm than good. “Moving Target” was recorded live off the floor with our producer, Dan Hosh. After playing it night after night on the road last year, we really wanted to hone those sensations of vulnerability and earnestness. We’re back home now, busy writing for our next project and gearing up to headline some shows around Canada and the States. As we sink our teeth into some new songs, our excitement to build on what’s next grows."

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