Toronto’s millennial pop band, VALLEY are excited to share their earnest new song, “A Phone Call In Amsterdam” through Universal Music Canada. “A Phone Call In Amsterdam” explores the apprehension of expressing love and how that can be amplified by distance. The lyrics call out for reassurance and the melody responds with hopeful anticipation. A love song for long distance relationships.

Lead singer, Rob Laska explains further, “’A Phone Call in Amsterdam’ very much exists on its own with texture and space. It carries a lot of emotional concept about distance and love between two people that are physically not in the same space but the melodies are very hopeful- the juxtaposition really gives it feeling and that final drop feels like fleeing. It’s very much a huge definition of who we are in terms of sound, melodies and structure.”

The song follows the band’s release of their EP, MAYBE: Side A which was released in November of last year and is the first installment of a larger comprehensive project. MAYBE: Side A, reengaged VALLEY’s existing fanbase and caught the attention of the indie music scene.

“A Phone Call In Amsterdam” celebrates the kick off of a fully sold out North American tour with pop-sensation, Lennon Stella which begins with two nights at The Danforth Music Hall on March 19th and 20th.


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