Photo by: Laura Harvey
I M U R takes us on a captivating journey into the distant future with their latest video release for Thirty33's third single "Afterglow."

The definite meaning of I M U R'S latest video release for "Afterglow" can only truly be known by those involved, specifically writer, directer Nick Brooks, however, it can easily be interpreted as an older woman's longing for life experience.

"Afterglow" begins with a daughter leaving the house and the mother sitting alone at her kitchen table, knitting and drinking tea - a presumed hobby for women her age. This perhaps, brings the mother to wonder what her daughter might be going out to do and subconsciously reminiscing what she did - nor didn't do, in her adolescence. The mother instantly plugs into a virtual reality headset, bringing us on a first person exploration of pleasure, pride and power. From this point, we experience three different scenarios - a couple making love, a same-sex couple dancing near the beach and a woman chasing a man with a knife. The smile and blissfully flowing movement of the older woman throughout, exudes pure joy - in each of the VR scenarios - even when acting violently. The joy that the mother feels may not be simply related to making love, dancing or killing - but rather the experience tied to each.

The definition of afterglow likely holds a great amount of symbolism in the narrative of this music video. The light - in this case, could symbolize the mother's glimmering sense of curiosity and thirst for experience after the setting of her younger, brighter days.

Watch below:

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