Born and raised in Toronto, Lauren Mandel creates undeniably catchy pop music. Lo Lo made her way into the pop scene last April with the release of her smash debut "Yours" which peaked at #21 at Hot AC radio in Canada. Soon after, Lo Lo was selected as iHeart Radio's Future Star while the track continued to climb steadily up radio and streaming charts.

In less than a year since her debut, Lo Lo has compiled over two million streams and most recently dropped her first EP Sweater Collection:

The Sweater Collection EP is the first body of work that I’ve put out into the world. It’s an honest reflection of the last couple years of my life—the highs and lows of being young, dumb, and in love. I want anyone who listens to be able to play it from start to finish and actually hear a story. I was in love, I got my heart broken, I found out what it was like to get high and kiss strangers while looking for lost love. I didn’t sleep enough, I drank a little too much, and I racked up a collection of sweaters that weren’t exactly mine to begin with. Instead of actually dealing with any of this like a normal person, I wrote some songs about it all. These songs were mine, but now they’re yours.

The singer-songwriter has already created a big presence both online and on stage with her attitude, aesthetic and alluring ability to captivate crowds. Lo Lo manages to deliver up-tempo beats alongside relatable and honest lyrics – wearing her heart on her sleeve on her personal electro-pop debut.

From "Yours" to "Convenient (Acoustic)", Lo Lo takes us on a journey through love lost, lust found and the spaces and places in between. Sweater Collection unravels Lo Lo's personal story by weaving vivid memories into every single track.

Just like the lyric music video for "Sweater Collection" the EP revolves around the idea of Lo Lo collecting sweaters and stories, until her closet overflows. The title track is about holding onto the emotional memories of a partner even after they have physically gone – as heard in the lyrics "I'll hold onto to your sweaters, I'll keep them forever. They make me feel better when we move on."

Halfway through, Lo Lo reminisces about her ex-partner and the struggles she faces to let go. The track features fellow Torontonian - and self-proclaimed POP LORD, DCF, lending his voice to the modern-day love ballad titled "Strangers Arms."

Lo Lo picks the tempo up again on her next single "Champagne 4Every1." The final original song ends things with a more optimistic outlook as Lo Lo chronicles her decision to let loose and move on, singing that she is "sick and tired of being broken, (and would) rather be numb."

Sweater Collection closes with an upbeat acoustic rendition of "Convenient" – a more minimalist take on the original track. Though acoustic, the alternative version retains the same fun, charismatic vibe of the predecessor.

Though this album was born out of heartbreak, it portrays a triumphant tale of growth, self-realization and ultimately, moving on. The nature of the lyrics may be heavy however Lo Lo delivers a sound that is animated, bold and easy to dance to.

Sweater Collection is a recollection of past lovers and experiences that has opened the doors to the possibility of Lo Lo joining the ranks of Canada's top pop exports.

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