Regina, Saskatchewan's Ava Wild combines the stylings of folk roots and acoustic pop with embellishments of jazz and old country. Wild is a profound singer-songwriter provoking truth and beauty through her art.

Wild credits a wide array of musicians as influences including Norah Jones, Tom Waits, Queen, Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga. Drawing from a unique group of inspirations, she creates a blend of music and lyrics that could easily be any listener's cup of tea.

Her song “White Toothed Bastard” - off her debut EP Bare, won her the title of SOCAN Young Songwriter of the Year in 2017. A determined and dedicated artist, Ava Wild strives for mastery in her own soulful-indie style. With her recently-released single and accompanying live video for "Balloons for You" - which she wrote on her 17th birthday, there's no way but up for this young songstress.

Described as a whimsical parade, "Balloons for You" showcases Wild's intimate storytelling and honey-sweet vocals. Teaming up with producer Brodie Moniker, the pair paint a colourful scene full of childish wisdom.

Having recently traveled to Brighton with her musical memoirs - performing at her first ever Great Escape Festival, she will be back on stage to deliver her eclectic live show in Toronto this June for NXNE on the 12th at The Rivoli.

Get an in-depth look behind the words of "Balloons for You" in the inside the lyrics video she shared exclusively with us and read on to learn more about the life of Ava Wild.

Q: You’ve shared with us, the meaning behind the lyrics of your single “Balloons for You.” Your words paint pictures and your music is very raw and real. What does storytelling mean to you?

A: I think storytelling is one of the most special things about being human.

Q: Every lyric you write comes with substance behind it, how would you succinctly describe “Balloons for You?”

 A: A toast to growing up.

Q: You’re inspired by a wide array of musicians from Tom Waits to St. Vincent and Sade – just to name a few. Which artist had the biggest impact on your latest work?

 A: Brodie Moniker. Although the listed influence’s have taught me a lot about songs and the different clothes they can wear. He helped dress mine up. From playing different instruments on it, helping me arrange and compose, to mixing and engineering "Balloons for You."

Q: You have an impressive discography of songs – is there a particular track you find most personal? 

A: The vulnerability for me isn’t necessarily in a specific song but more in my performance. I do hope that my songs can resonate as ‘personal' to all kinds of humans.

Q: You’re from the skies of Saskatchewan – how has your homeland inspired your craft? What is the music scene like where you’re from?

A: I still live in the house I was born in, which, is pretty neat (kind of a random fact). Saskatchewan has supported me in growing up. Regardless of where I’ve been and am going, it holds a place for me and I'm grateful for it. The music scene is alive, not the most progressive or entertaining. There are some special works being created though. Lord Byrun has recently put out some cool music on Soundcloud!

Q: You recently toured the UK – a very exciting endeavour for Canadian artists, how was your experience across the pond?

A: *Creative-swear-word-inserted-here, the people were wonderful. The crowed did an amazing whistling job on "Balloons for You" and they brought me so much joy. Can hardly wait to go back.

Q: Do you have anything else in the works or set for release in the near future?

A: Stay tuned. The wind hasn’t given me all the specific dates yet, but you will hear about if I do my job right!