The debut album from Toronto’s Freddie Future titled FF is the story of a breakup in slow motion, but it didn’t start out that way. Working alongside Fox Sounds’ Derek Hoffman (The Elwins, Ralph), the seasoned songwriters began to flesh out the tracks together around beats & keyboard loops that Derek had been working on. They would write and track tunes in the same day, a process Freddie appreciated for its cathartic nature. It became clear that this narrative needed a new name to represent itself. Freddie Future was born.

From the shuffle-step of opener “Like it Never Happened”, to the anthems “Giving In To You” and “Too Heavy”, to the mid-tempo 4/4 of “Leave Me Cold”, FF paints vivid, relatable images of heartbreak, before the gentle funk throbs of “The Valley” give way to a brighter air. The album’s closers take a more plaintive tone as he begins to reach closure, finally naming names and committing to a new future for himself.

Freddie's extended play is waiting to drop this summer and he had these words to share about the upcoming project and new single "Like It Never Happened":

"FF’s sequencing was originally based on tone/vibe. As the songs grew on the team and I, a story emerged that I felt compelled to tell in a way that allowed me to examine the past so that I could rewrite my future. This, in itself, is the ethos behind FF’s progress – to reflect & learn from your experiences and press onwards. These songs are accountability embodied, a pledge to grow – as a person, as a partner, and as a friend. “Like It Never Happened” is ultimately about going from lovers to complete strangers. The saddest part of all is not even acknowledging that your love had ever existed. The realization that you need to give the person you love their own space can be devastating, but by letting them breathe and live their own life you are showing that you truly do care for them. When we avoid being co-dependent we don’t have to look for things outside of ourselves to feel better.  It’s difficult to see when you’re in it, as we can often lack perspective."

Listen below:

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