The self-taught singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist known as BAD CHILD drops his groovy new single “Desert Island Lover” today with 21 Entertainment and Universal Music Canada alongside Capitol Records stateside and Virgin Records in the UK. The release of the track is accompanied by the picturesque video playing off the lyrics and showcasing BAD CHILD running through the streets of France, a feverish, modern-day Romeo.

Despite the lyrics of “Desert Island Lover” illustrating feelings of imprisonment in a relationship, they are seamlessly juxtaposed by the breezy guitar melodies and a bouncy percussion line. On the track, BAD CHILD explains:

Desert Island Lover is a paradox - to me it’s about how two people can willingly participate in a relationship founded on entrapment. It’s about becoming comfortable in that cycle. The song was built to sound like a really good time on the surface but beneath have a deeper tone. The video was shot in Paris country side and was designed to be a beautiful take on the loneliness that happens in being trapped.”

In November of last year, BAD CHILD burst onto the scene with his self-titled debut BAD CHILD and the powerful follow up track, “Payback” coming just months later, receiving praise from critics. 

BAD CHILD’s eccentric music and unique vision was celebrated as part of an immersive art installation called the Funhouse located downtown Toronto. Working alongside visual artist, Paul Jackson, BAD CHILD’s music was reinterpreted and reflected in one of the various themed rooms of the Funhouse. Fans can go experience BAD CHILD’s music at the Funhouse from now through September, for tickets and information visit:

Press release via: Universal Music Canada


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