Kingston-based alt-rock outfit Kasador spent their first three years cutting their teeth on the road, garnering attention from their engaging and high-energy live performances. Duelling vocals and dynamic guitars delivered by Will Hunter and Cam Wyatt offer depth and versatility, while Boris Baker and Stephen Adubofuor provide a strong base for the band, rooted in rock and funk.

Kasador wrote and self-produced their debut 2016 EP KASADOR, which they toured extensively through Canada and the USA. Since, the band released a follow up 2-track single titled ‘Come Get Yer Money’ in 2017. Both tracks are featured on their upcoming full length, titled Brood & Bloom – an album written through tough times and trying to find something more positive from those experiences. Produced in part by Graham Walsh (Sam Roberts, Lights, Wintersleep) and by Rob Baker & Gord Sinclair of The Tragically Hip, Brood & Bloom is set to release in the fall of 2019.

While gearing up for their upcoming album, the band premiere a new song and video for their track "High Rise" and shared these words:

"The song is about more than the Toronto apartment that it was written in. It’s about the pent-up uneasiness that kept us all up at night. This song came out of a few middle-of-the-night writing sessions, where my mind could not sleep and would race until morning. My only relief was to get up and write. “High Rise” is written from the perspective of feeling pressure, self-doubt, and questioning your future through that wave of midnight anxiety. One of the highlights during recording was using a synth that patches into radio airwaves to create samples. We patched it into a local station, clicked record, and ran through the whole song. It started with Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker,” and ended with some drive time banter in which the announcers spoke of high-rise buildings taking over Kingston. This took our “High Rise”to a new level, and couldn’t have gone better if we planned it."

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