The Change is in you. If you let go. To it all…” says director Hanlon McGregor of Rich Aucoin’s new video for “The Change”. Directed by McGregor and Mihaly Szabados, McGregor continues, describing the video : “Michael Finn aka Hanlon aka Papa looks back at his younger self through the mirror. Sees the moments when he knew something wasn’t quite right. The moments before he had language or understanding for that difference he saw in the mirror. Glimpses of the time before he was free to dance and to swim without limits or fear ...the dream of so many trans people. His daughter Irene plays his younger self struggling to be seen. A Phoenix appears to help clear the way, to remind him that on the other side of the flame, on the outside of the cocoon, the pain ends and the wings emerge.”

Of the song itself, Aucoin says: “it is about embracing change and letting go of the fear of it to take that chance. It’s also about the inevitability of that change so you can either fear it and resist or you can float down the river learning to swim amongst the current which you cannot control. He further notes that “musically, this features my first jamming partner and I playing the two drumkits together, Paul Keddy (Verbal Warnin). Another church organ played by composer Peter Togni. I played 6 different pianos on the track including 3 grand pianos. Ellen Gibling plays classical harp. There’s a horn section and the first choir of the record featuring another powerful group of artists: Babette Hayward (Vogue Dots), Rose Cousins, Melanie Stone (Heavy Blinkers), Stewart Legere, Virgil Muir (Museum Pieces), Margot Durling and Jeff Torbert.”

Release sees Aucoin grapple with the concept of mortality by using Alice in Wonderland as a metaphor for the journey. Again, the album can be played as alternate soundtrack along to the film. Produced by Aucoin and drummer Joel Waddell, his music has seen acclaim across the board with previous releases (We’re All Dying To Live and Ephemeral) long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize.

As part of a list of Rich Aucoin’s accomplishments, the music video for “Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E.” won the Prism Prize (2013), which he’s also been shortlisted for this year. Nominated for ten East Coast Music Awards including Album, Song, and Fan Choice Entertainer of the Year, with more than 2 million streams, Aucoin has built a reputation for his energetic live shows performing his music written in sync to old movies in the same manner as Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon with The Wizard of Oz. Using projections to these films, he has brought his interactive performance to stages at Osheaga, The Great Escape, Les Eurockéennes, Les Vielles Charrues, Berlin Music Festival, Montreal International Jazz Festival, Hangout Music Festival, Art Basel Miami, Luminato Art Festival, Iceland Airwaves, SXSW, Pop Montreal and more.

Press release via: Killbeat Music

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