Photo by: Matt Barnes
Jeremy Dutcher shares his debut music video with the world for "Mehcinut", which was also the first single he ever shared. The video is co-directed by Jeremy Dutcher, and filmmaker Chandler Levack, and it was filmed at Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, ON.

"Mehcinut" features an iconic dance performance, choreographed by two-spirit indigenous dancer and artist Brian Solomon, featuring an all indigenous dance group, and special guest dance performance by prolific award winning actress Tantoo Cardinal. Tantoo is a Member of the Order of Canada, and she has performed more than 100 film, television and theatre roles in Canada and the US, breaking barriers for onscreen representation of Indigenous peoples and has challenged negative stereotypes of Indigenous communities throughout her career, which has included roles in Dances With Wolves (1990), Black Robe (1991), Wind River (2017) and Through Black Spruce (2019). She has won a Gemini Award, a Canadian Screen Award for lifetime achievement, and a National Aboriginal Achievement Award.

The video for Mehcinut also features Jeremy’s ‘Table of Indigenous Excellence’; who are Indigenous cultural leaders, artists, filmmakers, and activists from across Canada, who gather at an adapted installation by multi-disciplinary Montreal artist Emily Jan, called ‘After the Hunt’.

In his own words, and his careful choices of what to make bold, here's Jeremy Dutcher on the "Mehcinut" video:

"This song calls back  
and reaches forward across time.
Concerning indigenous continuation
and what it can mean.
For all those who have gone before
and all those who are yet to come.
‘ciw nihkanipasihtit naka weckuwapasihtit.

This video arises through collaborative processes,
and circulates 
between death and rebirth. 

A beautiful assemblage of people
committed to telling
stories of reclamation and resilience. 

Make Indigenous excellence visible. 

To witness it in multitudes, is to know that we’ll be ok. Thrive. 

To see a full table, is to see a collective 
speaking of who we are. 
Indigenous people are not one thing
we come from many different backgrounds
speak many different languages and ways. 

Drawing our circles wide
we make our gathering places 
radically inclusive
relying on all gifts and abilities
to make our presence and positions known. 

This project is a call to my community
let's show what we’ve done and can do
let’s send a dream into the future 
for where we’ll go 
Amplifying diverse indigenous voices
past, present and future 
of inspiring artistic visions”

This video was created thanks to the generous support of the MVP Project, a joint initiative of RBCxMusic and the Prism Prize (administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television), and with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation, FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings), and the Ontario Arts Council.


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