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Artist Allan Rayman releases his full-length studio album, CHRISTIAN today via Republic Records/KIDinaKORNER/Polydor/Universal Music Canada.

Allan shared a special message along with the new music:

“ So the album is coming out on the 3rd and I’m going to be celebrating this milestone alone. Now, I’m ok with being alone, I often am. I’m not, however, used to the fear that’s coming along with this stint.  I read somewhere that fear is healthy, panic is deadly. I like that. Here’s the thing, Life is dangerous. Danger is exciting. These are exciting times. If you have ever felt like there is nothing exciting about your life, well you’ve got it now. Do something. Make something. Create. Use this as the ultimate New Years resolution because nothing will be the same after this. A brave new world. Be brave.”

The 14-track album includes pre-released songs, “Stitch”, “Pretty Please”, “6AM” and “Chief”, all of which include a unique visual narrative. CHRISTIAN, produced by Alex Da Kid, and long-time collaborators Moose (Jessie Reyez, dvsn) and Losh, also features production credits like Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, The Revivalists) and Ben Lovett (Mumford & Sons). His most eclectic album to date, CHRISTIAN  completes the third dimension of Allan’s trilogy which includes his previously released EP “Courtney” and “Harry Hard-On”, while sonically remaining reminiscent of earlier breakthrough albums “Hotel Allan” and “Roadhouse 01”.

To break it down further, Hotel Allan and Roadhouse 01 are ‘Roadhouse Albums,’” Allan comments. “The ‘Roadhouse’ narrator is telling you a story. Whereas Courtney, Harry Hard-On and CHRISTIAN are Allan speaking firsthand. They are ‘Allan Albums.’ There’s naivety and angst in CHRISTIAN. It’s a bigger range of emotions. It’s Allan’s first stab at a full body of work. It’s the most confident album Allan has made.”

Threading together a seemingly disparate pastiche, CHRISTIAN pays homage to one consistent inspiration. “The movies I was raised on were a major influence,” Allan admits. “I’ve been re-watching Christian Slater films, mainly Pump Up The Volume. My mom first encouraged me to watch it in like 2003. His character really resonates with me to this day. It’s almost like I’ve followed the same path. I never imagined myself connecting this much.

Allan heads out on a 25 city headline US tour where he will, for the first time, combine his dramatic production and theatre-esque visuals with the rawness of a live band, joining together his two strengths to make for an incredible album tour. Original dates have been postponed due to COVID19, rescheduled dates are set to be announced soon.


Industry (Interlude)
Pretty Please
I Talk To My Cigarette
Hello To Me
Road Warrior
Eye To Eye

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