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T. Thomason is a new kind of pop sensation. The U.K. born, Nova Scotia raised, Toronto resident flips the script on conventional under-dog tropes; his music eschews false positivity in favour of honest, gut-wrenching storytelling. His genre-bending self-titled album marries opulent arrangements with his “rich and full-bodied, soulful and earnest” vocals. The result? A sound that packs an emotional punch while begging you to scream along.

After an artistic adolescence spent turning out a number of critically acclaimed albums, Thomason took a break in his late teens to recalibrate, then returned to music as a literal brand-new man: new body, new name (and new pronouns).

Post-transition, the musician has forged a fresh path to the spotlight, and earned some mainstream love along the way. On CTV’s reality show The Launch, Thomason won the opportunity to record the hit single “HOPE”, and worked with producer Alex Hope (Troye Sivan, Tove Lo, Missy Higgins) to put his own songwriting spin on it. The song made Thomason a go-to act for festivals around the world, like The Great Escape (U.K.), FOCUS Wales, Reeperbahn (Germany), and Toronto Pride.

Thomason quickly followed up on his newfound success with the release of his introspective self-titled album. On it, Thomason examines the full spectrum of human emotion, from despairing lust and melodrama in “Loser” to false nostalgia in “Lana’s America” to tentative and bittersweet hope in “Bliss.” After spending the end of 2019 touring in the U.K, Thomason then returned to Toronto to work on The Part 2 Project - a continuation of the record’s story through reimaginings of fan favourite tracks with his artistic mentors and friends.

Thomason is the kind of musician that feels current and classic at the same time. His arrangements are catchy and contemporary, but his voice is timeless; emotive and powerful in a way that just endures. Beloved by Canadian music superstars and charming audiences of all ages, genders, and sexualities, T. Thomason is forging a new blueprint for the 21st century singer-songwriter.

He and Ria Mae now share "Loser Pt. II". The song was inspired by the inner monologues that often happen when Thomason is trying to work out how to open up to someone about his feelings.

"Being vulnerable is hard and it always brings me face to face with the parts of myself I wonder if anyone will ever be able to love, or love around. I hope this song allows people to tap into the things which are sometimes really hard to say. It’s powerful to embrace the awkward, the vulnerable, the uncertain times in our lives."

The reimagined version of the song is complimented by a stunning new video from Toronto director Katherine Kwan.

"Bringing Ria in on "Loser Part II" was a no-brainer;" shares Thomason. "Over the years, she has been an incredibly generous mentor and friend. When I began planning the Part II Project, I knew I had to ask her to do the song with me."  The fellow Nova Scotian pop artist helped take the original single to the next level as an undeniable dark bop. "I loved this song right away and even thought about doing a remix of it." Mae continues: "A few months later when T. asked me to be a part of this project, the timing seemed right, and I jumped. I think we made something really special and I’m excited for people to hear it." This collaboration with Mae is the 2nd single from the Part II Project - a collection of songs reimagined from his self-titled album released this past September.

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