Photo by: Wyatt Clough
The Elwins are thrilled to announce their new album, IV, to be released on September 18, 2020. As a preview The Elwins has released the new single “Weight Of The World”.

Lead singer Matthew Sweeney says:

This is a story speaking to how everyone has to deal with the weight of the world in one way or another. That kind of brings us together in a sense. just a friendly reminder that everyone has got this shit feeling from time to time, some more than others, but all you can really do is to try and take it easy on yourself.” 

When fans pre-order the album, they will receive the insta-grat track of “Weight Of The World” and also the first single “Take Me All The Way” that is out now as well.

The Newmarket four-piece has made a decade-plus long career out of carefully crafting clever and cozy tunes. An Elwins song is just as comfortable in your headphones as you walk as it is being blasted from the sound system at one of their vibrant live shows.

Taking a break from their prolific touring schedule, which most recently has found them playing alongside acts such as Passion Pit, Metric and Born Ruffians, The Elwins took to a handful of studios to record their latest collection of songs. With their fourth LP on the way, Matthew Sweeney, Travis Stokl, Francesco Figliomeni, and Feurd have done it again. Self-produced by the band, with a diverse and detailed sound reflecting influences from 70s AM-radio pop to the mid-2000s alternative that the band was borne out of, the record is a prime showcase for the collective magic of these four talented songwriters.

01 Something Is Happening Here
02 Take Me All The Way
03 Rockin’ The Horse
04 Let Her Be The One
05 Giving Up On Yourself
06 I Will
07 Weight Of The World
08 Slow Motion
09 Backyard At My Mom’s
10 Hung Up
11 1971
12 Daughter Song
13 Hold On To Love


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