Photo by: Kristal Jones
Evangeline Gentle is sharing the new live video for “Ordinary People”, directed by Rob Viscardis, from their self-titled debut LP. The song celebrates the strength it takes to stay soft in a world that can harden you with a single headline. This August, the LP will be released on vinyl via Sonic Unyon.

Produced by Jim Bryson at his Stittsvile studio Fixed Hinge, Evangeline’s self-titled debut album makes for a powerful introduction to this Peterborough-based singer/songwriter. “Drop My Name” champions the voice of someone no longer willing to be taken advantage of. “Sundays” is a sweet and honest exploration of insecurity in our romantic relationships. “Neither of Us” and “Long Time Love” are love songs for the modern world while “So It Goes” is a nostalgic retelling of teen summer love. “Even If” and “Digging My Grave” are less lighthearted tracks that share vulnerable truths about depression, drinking and recovering from self-sabotaging habits. “Good and Guided” is a hopeful closing song to this LP uniting listeners with the question “How do we become good and guided by the heart?”.

Recently, Gentle also shared an acapella EP titled You And I with two tracks, “You And I” and “Black Is The Colour”. The EP serves as an introduction to the emotional warmth and dynamic power of this emerging singer-songwriter, as well as a mirror held up to humanity's unique historical moment.

“‘You And I’ is the preludial a cappella opening song of my live show, and its message seeks to unite audiences with a sense of ‘sameness’,” says Gentle. “I believe that our deepest connections are found through vulnerability which is why I feel compelled to sing this track completely unaccompanied.”

“Black is the Colour” is “a traditional Scottish folk song that I first heard as a child growing up on the North East Coast of Scotland,” says Gentle. “Despite moving to Canada at age 11, my love for Celtic folk music persists and performing this song feels like sharing another bit of who I am.”


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