JUNO nominated, indie-pop band, Valley drop their brand new single “nevermind” with Universal Music Canada. Valley has spent the past two years developing and becoming one of the top internationally streamed Canadian-domestic acts worldwide. This is the first new music from Valley since they released their debut LP MAYBE (September 2019) and is the most pop-leaning sound we’ve heard from the band juxtaposed with lyrics that address struggling with feelings of idle.

Lead singer Rob Laska explains:

“I feel like with Valley we’ve always strived for the perfect happy and sad song. ‘nevermind’ is a direct representation of playing with that idea. The song covers a stricter mental health narrative but also leaves the listener room to feel high energy production-simultaneously processing a topic about trying to find an emotion that doesn’t really exist.”

Mixed by Josh Gudwin (Justin Bieber), Karah James (vocals/drums) illustrates “nevermind” as “a song about the cyclical feelings of self-pity, apathy, and being an introvert.  It describes wavering between a romanticized version of your life and the ’sad’ reality of it.” While Mickey Brandolino (guitar) continues, “We always have so much to do and as creatives have constant bursts of motivation and many lows as well. We happened to find motivation to write a song about the lows, which is ironic in itself.” Bassist Alex Dimauro recaps, “nevermind is a song that melodically and lyrically summarizes a feeling felt throughout much of our generation. It’s like throwing on an episode of a show that revolves around one plot: constantly looking for the next best thing.”

Independently, the indie-rock ensemble of friends has increasingly built an organic buzz.  With only a pair of self-written, self-produced, debut releases under their belt, including their EP, This Room Is White, and full-length MAYBE, the band has collected nearly 42 million streams on Spotify alone.

Shouldering nearly 26 million listens on the strength of five sparkling indie-bops, “Closer to the Picture,” “Push For Yellow (Shelter),” “A Phone Call in Amsterdam,” “Park Bench,” and “There’s Still a Light In The House,” MAYBE’s synth-drenched hooks, built to spirals around headphones, have propelled the band to a 2020 JUNO Award Nomination support slots with Lennon Stella and The Band Camino on sold out North American tours in 2019 and a confirmed support billing with LovelyTheBand once the tour world reopens. The band is currently at US Alternative Radio with “There’s Still A Light In The House.”

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