Photo by: Zoe Akiko

Michelle Treacy embarks on a new chapter in her career – embracing her inner self with new genre-bending sounds and lyrics with no limits.

Treacy first broke into the pop music scene after an impromptu duet with music icon Lady Gaga during her 2014 ArtRave tour stop in Montreal. Two years following her Bell Centre performance, the Ottawa-born singer-songwriter released her first major label single "Armageddon."

“Since then I’ve grown up and I’ve had my ups and downs. It’s amazing to look back and see how far I’ve come.”

Treacy's musical journey came full circle on CTV's The Launch in 2019 – working with legendary guest producer Nile Rodgers and songwriter Hillary Lindsey (both of whom have worked with Gaga), to craft an original track. Treacy penned and performed "Emotional" – the season two finale's winning song that made waves on streaming platforms and radio stations across the country. Following her reality show appearance, she has been featured on numerous television programs, magazines and online publications – building a dedicated fanbase.

With her newest single "Time Off From A Letdown," Treacy digs deep once again:

“It is about refocusing on yourself, as I have spent the last couple of years doing just that after going through such a dark time in my life.”

In the years since sharing the stage with her idol as a teenager, Treacy has grown and developed her unapologetic artistry and is destined to manifest even more success. While she continues to bloom and flourish as a fearless, budding artist, Michelle looks forward to sharing a Christmas song and more tunes in the near future.

Q: How would you describe your sound? Who are your musical influences?

Although pop has influenced my past music, my brand new track is shoegaze rock. This new direction represents a new beginning for me, creating what I want without limitations. I’ve always been inspired by the greats. Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morissette, Joni Mitchell, Amy Winehouse to name a few. I’d say my musical influences for this new music is Coldplay meets Lana Del Rey.

Q: Tell us about your new single "Time Off From A Letdown":

Thematically, the song represents the feeling of letting everyone down; however, the reality being that you are only letting yourself down by putting others first. It is about refocusing on yourself, as I have spent the last couple of years doing just that after going through such a dark time in my life. The cinematic video is a beautiful representation of this created by an all-female team. It is a piece of art in it's purest form, and I hope you take something from it.

Q: You won Season 2 of The Launch. What’s the secret to crafting a great record?

I won the last ever episode of The Launch. It was an amazing experience and really taught me that I should always be unapologetically myself. There is no secret to crafting a record. The process is different every single time. Also, what is perfect anyway?

Q: You first made waves when you sang with Lady Gaga on stage at her concert back in 2014. How have you evolved as an artist since that very moment?

I sang with Lady Gaga when I was 17, I was still a baby. I had never had a record deal or released a song. That moment changed everything for me. Since then, I’ve grown up and I’ve had my ups and downs. It’s amazing to look back and see how far I’ve come. I’ve done a lot of work on myself since then and I feel really happy about who I am today. I’m grateful for Gaga, for my fans and for everyone who has supported my crazy life.

Q: You say you’re a "leader of the dreamers, the rebels and inbetweeners." What inspires your undeniable passion and drive for music?

I love supporting the underdogs, I think the underdogs are the true life winners and everyone should take a page from their book. I’m so inspired by life. I am inspired by conversation. There’s nothing I’d rather do then play and write music. It’s in my soul and I feel like I need to be that person for the underdogs who talks about the real stuff. Too many people today sugar coat stuff and don’t open up and say “I’m a real person and I have my issues” they want you to believe they’re on top of the world. Imagine if your favourite artists opened up more and talked about real stuff and were approachable? That would be so cool. I wanna be that.

Q: What is getting you through these times?

Eating good food and listening to good music.

Q: What’s next for Michelle Treacy?

Where ever the wind blows! Haha imagine. Pretty much that. I’ll be putting out a Christmas song next so keep your ears out. It will be another good song to cry to.