Known for their primal, high energy live shows, Stuck On Planet Earth deliver a signature mix of alternative rock and R&B while bluntly communicating the messy truths of life.

Al Capo, Adam Bianchi and Andrew Testa – longtime friends from Vaughan, have been honing their sound on stage and in the studio since their teenage years.

“The fact that we know each other so well has become a strong point for us especially through a pandemic and the ever changing landscape of the industry.”

Though the pandemic has taken a toll on the live music scene as a whole – subsequently cancelling Stuck On Planet Earth's tour with Pop Evil, they have been staying connected with fans through their "rock n' roll Instagram Live variety show" called #StuckInside. Recently, the trio had the opportunity to return to the stage to perform in person – opening for Big Wreck's drive-in concert at the OLG Play Stage.

Prior to their drive-in gig, the band has shared bills with other notable acts including Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts, Weezer, Finger Eleven, Motörhead and MOIST. Along with their impressive touring credits, their new music has been featured on popular playlists from Spotify's "Ready To Rock" to Apple Music's "The New Rock" and played on SiriusXM’s The Verge, CBC Music and 102.1 The Edge.

Their latest single "Ghosts On The Radio" – from their debut album release Beautiful Nowhere, has been streamed over 125 thousand times worldwide. The song is an homage to artists of the past:

“We love the idea that art outlives its creators, thematically and lyrically, that's where the idea of [Ghosts On The Radio] was born out of.”

A music video – described as a dark, symbolic take on finding their way together, is slotted for an upcoming release to accompany the staggering track.

Though still stuck in the standstill of this pandemic, Stuck On Planet Earth have many plans for the coming months – from live streams to some visuals to new music and more.

Q: Tell us about your latest release “Ghost On The Radio”:

We love the idea that art outlives its creators, thematically and lyrically, that's where the idea of Ghosts On The Radio was born out of. It's an homage to the artists and creators of the past, who left behind their legacy. Originally, we had the chorus locked in and we had some very different verses that didn't quite evoke the right emotions. So, a few weeks after the song had been recorded, we told our producer that we wanted to re-work/re-write the verses to really match the feel and energy of the chorus – and that's when we settled on the openness and relaxed vibe that's sonically inspired by The Police's Andy Summer's guitar work, with a bass line reminiscent of Dr. Dre's The Chronic.

Q: What can you tell us about your upcoming music video for the track?

This is our favourite music video by far. The brains behind the project and director, Kash Tahen, came to us with the idea of doing a 3D video that somewhat resembled the same darkness as Sin City. We filmed it a few months back at Division 88 Studio's in the height of the pandemic while social distancing. The cool thing about it is that it was all done on green screens, so the band was never in the room all together, and we filmed our parts separately. The video see's the us playing in a giant warehouse maze – we are trying to find our way to get to each other while overcoming obstacles, while haunting shadows of the past are portrayed on the walls. Lot's of symbolism happening throughout the video.

Q: Stuck On Planet Earth formed back when you guys were teenagers. How does your long lasting friendship contribute to the success and longevity of your band throughout the ever-changing landscape of the music industry?

Truth is that we are a family, and when you are a family you don’t get raddled too much by outside issues. We’ve always been of the mindset to only worry about the things that we can control, and now willingly or unwillingly the fact that we know each other so well as become a strong point for us especially through a pandemic and the ever changing landscape of the industry.

Q: You two recently played an OLG Drive-In Show with Big Wreck. How did it feel getting back on stage to play a big gig during these times?

Our last show prior to the pandemic was our sold out hometown show in Toronto, and then the world shut down, so to be back on a stage after almost six months was honestly such an awesome feeling. We were on these giant screens, and our music was being transmitted through a radio channel. Wild! It was very surreal being honked at. Who would have ever thought that in 2020 the equivalent of a crowd cheering, are cars honking…??

Q: Tell us about your #StuckInside Instagram Live series:

#StuckInside is our version of a rock n' roll Instagram Live variety show. When the pandemic hit, our tour with Pop Evil got cancelled much like every other tour, but we needed to do something in order to keep playing music and feeling like we had purpose. We play a few acoustic tunes (some originals, some covers) and we have artists/bands come on for a chat and play a song. It's been a ton of fun, and we’ve learned so much from our guests. It's been fun and we are excited to do more.

Q: What’s getting you through this pandemic?

It's maybe super obvious to say, but the answer is MUSIC. Music is there for whatever mood you're feeling or going through. Whether you're happy, sad or angry it's the great communicator and conduit of emotions – and the one constant that truly unites people.

Q: What’s next for Stuck On Planet Earth?

We have a lot of fun things to announce in the coming weeks/months. Live stream concerts, more social media content and are writing tons of brand new music that were excited to work on.