Photo by: Justin Abernethy
Toronto’s budding singer-songwriter found the blueprint for his unique strain of pop music in everything from hip-hop to blues. He can cross genres, shifting moods with songs like the somber, “Way Off” to the Latin-inspired summer-friendly, “Sangria.” Growing up in Scarborough, it’s hard not to be exposed to so many different worlds. There are levels of introspection to Myles’ creations. It extends in the way he evokes emotion through the layers of his melodies. Majoring in French with a minor in Spanish has enabled Myles to speak and understand two of his favourite languages and the vocabulary and expressions that are universal when it comes to music.

Myles Castello follows up on his “Morning Type” single with an official Dragan-directed music video. The mini-movie showcases intimate moments between a couple as Myles narrates the mood and tone with his pop/R&B vocals on top of guitar led production. “Morning Type” depicts the feelings that Myles has with not being a morning person but making an exception when spending a night with someone and waking up with them the next morning.

“Personally, I like to have this voice that has a surreal undertone. So, it sounds like it's very real world, and they’re concepts that you can relate to real life, but I always like to have this undertone of a song that I'm singing that has its own space that’s not really meant to be so tangible, that’s more of an idea.”

“Morning Type,” “Sangria” and “Blue” will sit on Myles Castello’s forthcoming Excess EP. Excess represents a compilation of feelings in overload. Each song touches on the extreme amount of emotions when missing someone, wanting to be with someone and wondering when is too much. Creating this EP was a sense of relief for Myles Castello, taking the questions and emotions from his own mind and translating them into music to show his “growth from creation.”


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