Neon Dreams today release a brand new track, “HOUSE PARTY,” from their forthcoming full-length album The Happiness of Tomorrow, due out November 13. Lead singer Frank Kadillac draws on his past insecurities as a teenager yearning to fit in and be accepted.

“Experiencing party culture for the first time, I wouldn’t really say anything and would just sit with my thoughts. But at house parties I’d meet these weird people like me, and we’d have these great conversations. “I remember having this conversation with a girl about life, and we started joking about hangovers and how much we hate them. She said, ‘hangovers are just borrowing from the happiness of tomorrow, and that’s why the next day always sucks.’ These little things in life can change your perspective, and I have a lot of those. I’ll never forget that moment. House parties are where I started thinking bigger.”

The day before their album is released, the 2020 JUNO Award winners for Breakthrough Group of the Year will embark on a 12-date tour of Atlantic Canada. Frank Kadillac and Adrian Morris are taking advantage of the COVID-safe Atlantic Bubble that enables them to perform for fans in person at selected venues, making them the only band touring in North America for the remainder of 2020.

Sometimes the most terrible situations can have positive outcomes. For Neon Dreams, COVID-19 shutting down the world was the catalyst for their sophomore album. Though Frank Kadillac and Adrian Morris had dozens of songs written pre-pandemic, the title track was conceived in quarantine and became the spark for the rest of the project. The new album will include their most recent releases “Don’t Go Hating Me Now” and “Sick of Feeling Useless,” one of the few songs in recent history that has crossed multiple formats in Canada. It is currently climbing the U.S. alternative radio chart and went top 10 on U.S. college radio.

The Happiness of Tomorrow follows their 2019 breakout debut album Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams, which continues to earn the duo new fans, most recently in South Africa where their song “Life Without Fantasies” became a viral hit, dominating streaming charts.


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