Photo by: Sam Tomlinson
The Dirty Nil has kicked open the doors of 2021 with the release of Fuck Art (via Dine Alone Records), their new album that has jumpstarted the IDGAF attitude, self-aware shamelessness, and uproarious energy of full-throttle rock n roll.

The irreverent amp-blowing Juno-winning badasses have injected classic-rock heroism, pop-punk horsepower, '80s indie scrappiness, '90s alterna-crunch, and speed-metal adrenalin into this 11-track collection that balances its moments of astute emotional excavation with no-holds-barred joyousness.

Of the album, frontman Luke Bentham says:

“Dear world, we proudly present to you: FUCK ART. Dreams, revenge, joy and death. This is our purest glimpse of truth and beauty. Please enjoy, and as always, much love and hail rock n roll. Before COVID hit, Fuck Art was kind of like a super tongue-in-cheek, snotty title inspired to provoke somewhat, but in the subsequent time that has passed, to me it’s become a title of just celebrating absolute freedom. Ironically, to me, there’s a lot of optimism in it. It’s an absurd title, but it’s also kind of monolithic and simple. There’s also a kamikaze element to it—because there’s a chance that it could limit our commercial potential, but whatever. I don’t give a shit!”

The album's release follows a string of high-voltage advanced tracks, including the aforementioned and hardcore basement ode to young love "Doom Boy" the pop-punk reflection on the vices we grow out of on "Done With Drugs," and the pairing of "Blunt Force Concussion" and "One More and the Bill" which take aim at the struggle to combat and avoid the limiting bullshit which clogs up our lives as we continue our journeys through adulthood.


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