Photo by: Élyse Laplante
Maryze kicks off 2021 with "Too Late" – her first single of the year.

The Montreal-based bilingual alt-pop artist's new track exudes an 80s-inspired pop sound that juxtaposes lyrically with themes of uncertainty and fear:

“I wrote this song when I was feeling both frustrated about wasting time, and also completely unable to motivate myself in the pandemic. I was kicking myself while I was down, which obviously isn’t helpful to get back up. For some reason, even if the lyrics are pretty depressing, the song came out upbeat and dancey. I immediately heard it with an 80s beat – the era of sad dancefloor hits.”

The catchy beat – with blends of 80s drum machines and modern instrumentation, is credited in part to producer and long-time collaborator Solomon K-I. In sync with the song, Maryze self-directed an accompanying music video with shot locations in Vancouver and Montreal. An aesthetic of nostalgic visuals was used to illustrate feelings of helplessness surrounding our current reality in a fun, retro package.

In the present reality of monotonous routines, "Too Late" is all too relatable. Maryze delivers her most confident performance yet, giving listeners another peek at her debut LP via Hot Tramp Records – set for release in the Fall.