Photo by: Francesca Ludikar

Stranded Fest is a company that delivers never-before-seen concert experiences to Ontario music fans. Most notably known for their annual cover set festival, Stranded Fest is back with a brand new concert series:

“The pandemic has been incredibly hard for the Ontario music industry. Bands and fans everywhere have been hurting both financially and emotionally, as they patiently wait to experience the thrill of concerts once again. That's why, in lieu of our annual cover festival, Stranded Fest is doing something big to inject some life back into our struggling music scene, and to put money in the pockets of local bands.”

Rather than put on a live stream like every other concert series, the Stranded Fest team wanted to do something unique that fans can enjoy at any time. Stranded (at home) Fest will feature weekly videos featuring exclusive never-before-seen cover songs by some of Ontario's top talents. The online event will feature six pieces of video content – each with a band performing a unique cover song, posted weekly on SF's Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The featured artists include MONOWHALES, Command Sisters, Fade Awaays, Stuck On Planet Earth, Cinzia & The Eclipse and The Free Label

“Our goal with this exciting initiative is to not only financially support some amazing bands, but to give music lovers a taste of the scene they miss so dearly.”

Stranded (at home) Fest' is meant to help revitalize a music scene on life support, while putting money in the pockets of some of the many local bands who deserve it. With shows all across Ontario now cancelled, and run-of-the-mill live streams seemingly taking their place, this is guaranteed to be one of the most unique online music events of the year.


03/29 - Stuck On Planet Earth
04/05 - Command Sisters
04/12 - Fade Awaays
04/19 - The Free Label
04/26 - Cinzia & The Eclipse