Photo by: Mathieu Samson

Michelle Bensimon is a Montreal-born theatre kid, turned band lead, turned popstar. Driven by their own journey through the gender spectrum, the Caveboy front person released their newest single and video called “Some of Everything” via their debut solo project – Mint Simon

“I feel like as time goes on, we're seeing more and more fluidity in gender and sexual expression, especially in the younger generation. This song is a celebration of that, not only for my queer fluid ass self, but for all the queers and the gays who want to celebrate with me.”

Inspired by gender and the nostalgia of the 90s, Mint’s fantastically fluid music video embodies a feel-good throwback campy vibe with nods to Romeo and Juliet, Celine Dion, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls.

The visuals are fun, frolicsome and light, but the inspiration behind “Some of Everything” came from Mint diving deeper into their truths: 

“I’ve realized over the years that my sexual orientation and my gender are both extremely fluid and for a while it was a real challenge to understand it. Writing this song was a push to remind myself that this is something to be celebrated, and that I want to celebrate it with all my other non-box-fitting queers and that I don't need any one label to make my identity real. Liking some of everything, being some of everything – it only brings me joy at this point.”

“Some of Everything” follows their scintillating debut single “Used For Love.” Mint’s solo project is a new venture for them, described as a “sonic and lyrical exploration on love, missed opportunities, desire and sexual liberation.” 

Though Mint has collaborated with – and been a part of many different groups – including Caveboy, their solo project is a vessel for them to fully explore their own unapologetically queer musical journey while outlining the era of 80s and 90s pop.

Mint looks forward to sharing a remix by Elton John collaborator Bright Light Bright Light of “Some of Everything” in the coming weeks and is excited to keep creating and releasing more new music.

Q: Who is Mint Simon? How would you describe your sound?

Mint Simon is definitely the heightened confident and fearless version of myself. I would describe my sound as playful, pop, and celebratory.

Q: What fueled you to branch out from Caveboy? What does Mint Simon hope to achieve with the newly-founded solo project?

I think taking some time to find your own voice if it isn’t something you’ve done much in your life is quite important. I really took the downtime to figure out what I wanted to say with my music, and what I’ve come to is that I want to celebrate myself and my community, bringing people together through my songs and creating a fanbase full of kind and wonderful people.

Q: Tell us about the creative process behind “Some of Everything”:

I can't deny that collaborating with my friend, bandmate and producer Isabelle Banos is one of my favourite feelings. We had been writing together for months on some of my solo stuff and she sent me this track that was easily one of my favourite things she had worked on. Writing my story and feelings out, also with co-writer Breagh Isabel, was so fun, liberating and exciting. I wanted it to be cheeky, but direct.

I’ve always really cared what other people think. I’ve held back on living my own truth out of fear - but this song was a way for me to 'come out' again, so to speak, and explain that for me, gender and sexuality are fluid and that I don’t feel like just one thing. The support I’ve had on this song gives me more and more comfort in existing as who I am.

Q: “Some of Everything” is said to be “sonically as fluid as gender itself.” Can you explain the inspiration behind your latest track?

There’s latin piano, mixed with a tight pop drum beat… the song takes you on a bit of a journey, haha. I have also, personally, been on a long journey of self-discovery but for the first time I feel like I’ve really come into my own and songs like “Some of Everything” are helping me flush out my own path.

Q: The accompanying music video has many pop-culture nods. What are the distinct inspirations behind the visuals and story? Why these specific pieces of pop-culture?

I’m a full 90s kid and I’m a very, very nostalgic person. So with the 90s vibe of the song sonically, I wanted to create a video that felt of that time. For me, Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls were groups I grew up with, and since I couldn’t be the person I wanted to be, then, I wanted to live out my 90s pop fantasy now.

Q: How important is representation in pop culture? Did you/do you have any queer role models?

Representation is essential. Growing up I can’t say I really saw many things that I could relate to in the mainstream. Now, I find myself looking to the younger generation for inspiration and authenticity in a way we just didn’t have especially with social media. People like Tegan and Sara, k.d. lang and Alan Cumming always stood out to me when I was going through my own self discovery as a teenager, for sure.

Q: What’s next for Mint Simon?

Honestly, just to keep going and see what happens! I have a super fun remix of Some of Everything by my pal Bright Light Bright Light out July 8th which I am so excited to share.