Photo by: Daniel Dorta

Toronto multi-instrumentalist Liam Colbert has released his first single under new moniker Rise Carmine. Formerly known as Patiohawk, Rise Carmine’s debut marks a new beginning for Colbert:

“[Rise Carmine] represents a new direction. I’m big on word association and what comes to my mind when I think of a song title or an album title or a band name, so the names of things are super important to me. I just really like those two words together. It makes me think of a cool 70s glam-rock band and leather pants.”

Recorded with Grammy award-winning producer Dave Schiffman (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, PUP) and mastered by Harry Hess (Muse, Cancer Bats, Billy Talent), “Down” is a “swirling psychedelic journey into the depths of someone else’s mind.” The sentiment behind the song resonates with Colbert – navigating through the pandemic in a time where genuine communication and human connection are so hard to come by.

“‘Down’ is an exploration of the vulnerability that is necessary for a relationship to truly flourish. Often the only way to truly get to know someone is to plunge deep below their surface, to see what really makes them tick, no matter how uncomfortable that can sometimes be.”

Sonically, “Down” has a tight, melodic sound derived from a wide array of influences – from Colbert’s years spent in choir school to his studies at Berklee and backed by his lifelong love of classic rock. A direct nod to Pink Floyd’s echoing refrains, “Down” combines elements of his favourite musical genre with a touch of synth and bass-driven sensibilities – inspired by Tame Impala. 

The synths were put through a tape emulator to give the song a swirling, wavy whirlpool effect, which are enhanced by Chicago-based glitch-artist Dave Koblesky’s video. Like the track itself, the visuals help to create a balanced feeling of urgency and wonder, safety and danger.

Having already garnered input and praise by the legendary Bob Ezrin – producer of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, “Down” is a certifiably solid masterpiece.

With more singles and videos to come, Rise Carmine gives a sneak peek of what to expect on his debut EP – set for release the early fall.