Photo by: Trish Chiasson

Wayne Tennant has been around for quite some time and you’ve probably already heard his signature vocals without even knowing it. The Montreal-based R&B/Soul singer-songwriter and producer first made waves back in 2015 with his debut Life in Minor Key. Recently, Tennant has performed as a part of Charlotte Cardin’s choir for her virtual concert The Phoenix Experience and backed up Canadian pop singer Jonathan Roy.

Tennant’s brand new release brings him to center stage and marks a departure in his sound through a new collaboration with producer-duo MAC x DAYZ. With the first single off his upcoming EP Curfew Flowers – “W.L.M.2.U. (What Led Me to You),” Tennant introduces his intoxicating reinvented retro-fusion arrangements. 

The track is a euphoric earworm about letting down your walls and embracing the ecstasy of falling in love:

“The song is about how love makes us do things we never thought we would do. You’re not too cool for love – so let love win.”

Sonically, the single carries heavy influence from 60s/70s go-go music – a sub-genre associated with funk, jazz and hip-hop with added elements of Latin percussion. Inspired by Prince, Babyface and Stevie Wonder, Tennant’s music is boldly boundless – blurring the lines between many different sounds.

“W.L.M.2.U”’s visuals, directed and edited by Tennant himself – assisted with drone shots by Sylvain Arseneault and Akim Larcher, are vibrant, jubilant and playful. It features Tennant wearing an old-school Adidas tracksuit singing in different scenes that feature some of the lyrics, imagery and psychedelic visuals that amplify the blissful aura of the tune. The recurring heart-shaped cookie symbol seen throughout represents giving your heart to someone and all the uncertainty and vulnerability that comes with it.

Curfew Flowers is slotted for release late this summer.