Photo by: Sterling Larose

Tristan Norton and Martin Kottmeier – collectively known as Young Bombs, close out the summer with a brand new anthemic electronic banger.

The Vancouver duo’s first major single release – “Summer in Brooklyn,” follows four years worth of remixes. The new track – which recently became the #1 most added song to Canadian radio, features Los Angeles singer-songwriter JORDY  a collaboration that came together very quickly via TikTok.

“Sometimes it’s a longer process – we’ll look for features and then we’ll go meet them in the studio and then we’ll record them but this just kind of happened pretty much overnight. The power of the internet is crazy.”

Prior to creating original tracks in 2019, Young Bombs became well-known (and sought after) for remixes of popular songs from the likes of Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez to Billie Eilish and Post Malone. To-date, they have amassed over 100 million streams and hope to continue to build up an already impressive fan base.

“We’d been working on our project all along, but we finally got the sound to the point where we felt like we could make a statement. We were able to make something that spoke to us lyrically, melodically, and emotionally.”

Currently on tour in support of their new music, Young Bombs have already delivered electrifying and one-of-a-kind live performances around the world including Lollapalooza, Ultra, Firefly, Billboard Hot 100 Festival and opened for The Chainsmokers, Galantis, Diplo and Alesso while attracting attention from Tiësto, Oliver Heldens, and Don Diablo.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming accompanying music video for “Summer in Brooklyn” and more new music in the coming months.

Q: For someone unfamiliar, who is Young Bombs?

M: Electronic duo from Canada – born and raised in Vancouver. We make anything from house music to trap to future bass. Tristan, you want to add?

T: We are big fans of The X Files from the 90s and the TV show Beverly Hills 90210. What’s another show we like?

M: Baywatch.

T: I would say Baywatch is top 10 but not top 5 but it’s definitely in that legendary area for me. And we like our coffee a lot.

M: Yeah, we like our dogs and our coffee.

T: Three cups minimum a day.

Q: What made you decide to shift from making remixes to making original music?

T: I think we always wanted to make our own music but we wanted to grow our fanbase and thought the best way of doing that would be making remixes of popular songs that already a lot of people knew. Once we started gaining traction on SoundCloud and HypeMachine and people started noticing us, we thought that would be the best time to give them the originals. So, we had an audience ready to go who wanted to actually listen and care about what we were putting out.

Q: You’ve remixed a lot of big names, are there any artists you dream of featuring on your songs?

M: Oh, there’s definitely a bunch. Oh my god, where do you even begin?

T: I feel like every week there’s a new artist we discover that we’re obsessed with. I started getting into that UK garage stuff recently or even like the grime stuff like Stormsy – and that would be so rad to collaborate with a guy like him, so talented. But then there’s acts Martin and I have loved forever. One of the first groups we really loved when we first got into this was MGMT, so maybe doing something with them – that would be like a bucket list thing. We love so much different music as well so it’s really hard.

M: Anything from the singer of Kings of Leon to Kanye.

T: Bjork. FKA Twigs. That’d be cool.

Q: How did your collaboration with JORDY come about? Can you tell us about your latest single 'Summer In Brooklyn'?

M: It was pretty wild how that actually came together. We’d been sitting on this instrumental that we were really excited about and we just hadn’t got the right vocals for it or the right singer. We just kind of decided to do a very COVID/2021 thing and put it on TikTok and let people duet to it. We actually had some really good responses – so many talented people out there. One that just knocked our socks off was JORDY – he just crushed it.

T: Martin’s socks actually fell off. They went flying across the room. 

M: They were ankle socks, they just –

T: The elastic broke and they just shot through the sky.

M: He blew us away and he’s pretty spot on with his takes. He’s super talented. We asked him to go cut it in the studio and we basically got the stems that same night or the next day and we already had the instrumental made, so we just put it together. It being summer in Brooklyn, we’re like “shit, this has to come out ASAP.” It is a reminiscent song, you’re reminiscing over the summer. So at the end of August, we thought that it would be perfect to put the song out. I don’t think we’ve ever had a song come together that quickly. Sometimes it’s a longer process – but this just kind of happened pretty much overnight. The power of the internet is crazy.

Q: You just kicked off on tour, what can fans expect from a live Young Bombs show?

M: Lots of energy.

T: A lot of socks flying through the sky. Everybody’s socks are gonna get knocked off.

M: Some people use confetti and CO2 and stuff but we use sock cannons.

T: The great thing is – if you’re a fan, you get to leave with a bunch of pairs of socks so you don’t even need to go to Walmart anymore or wherever you buy your socks. We provide them for the fans.

M: But for real – lots of energy, we love to have a good time.

T: A lot of energy and we like to mess up our songs a bit. So we’ll take another vocal from a song and throw it over one of our instrumentals or vice versa and we’ll take a vocal from one of our songs and put it over someone else’s beat. It can be super unpredictable and that’s the cool thing about live shows, you get something that’s not out there on Spotify or SoundCloud, which makes it unique to the show. It makes it enticing to come see us live.

Q: What has been your best festival experience to-date? Are there any festivals you’d like to play?

M: A lowkey one that we didn’t expect – I mean, we’ve played Lolla, Firefly, Shaky Beats; a bunch of these big American festivals but we played Festival D’ete in Quebec and it was the craziest crowd, the biggest crowd we’ve ever played for. It was wild – would love to do that again. That was a surprising one. I think one that we both would love to do and has always been on our bucket list is Tomorrowland. I think being electronic artists, it’s kind of like the holy grail of music festivals for dance acts.

T: I agree. When we started, we would watch Aviccii and Swedish House Mafia and all those guys play Tomorrowland and we were just like “one day we will be there” and we’re still saying “one day.” Hopefully that day comes soon.

Anything you want to share or add? 

M: We are on tour, so please check out our tour dates – on our Instagram and across all our social media. We do have new music that’s going to be coming very soon.

T: We just finished the “Summer in Brooklyn” music video. It’s probably the funniest video we’ve made so far. It will be dropping in a week or two – I don’t know if we have an exact date but keep looking at our socials. We just dropped some behind the scenes photos, so we’re slowly teasing it out. We’re very excited about it.